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ASi-5 – easily connecting a new technology

The new ASi-5 technology significantly increases the performance while making the system future-proof.

ASi-5 technology uses an OFDM method instead of the classic pulse modulation. OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) is a technology that uses several frequencies simultaneously for data transmission. This way, the system offers significantly increased data transmission with very short cycle times. Consequently, the system provides fast response times, complex devices, advanced security technology, and detailed diagnostics.


ASi-5 system parameters  
Cycle time approx. 1.2 ms
Subcycle time (96 devices) approx. 5 ms
Usable carriers (process data) up to 135
AMC carriers 20
Carrier spacing 58.594 kHz
Carrier frequency range 1 - 2 MHz
Number of active devices up to 96
Total cyclic process data 3072 bytes input data (ASI5IDI) and
3072 bytes output data (ASI5ODI)
Cyclic process data per device up to 32 bytes input data and
up to 32 bytes output data
Max. input sample frequency 390 Hz
Max. output switching frequency 390 Hz

In-depth details about the technology can be found in the ASi-5 course at the AS-Interface Academy.

Leading companies developed ASi-5 to easily connect automation technology.

Development partners of the new technology were Bihl+Wiedemann, ifm electronic, Murrelektronik, Pepperl+Fuchs, Phoenix Contact, Renesas, and Siemens.

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