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A pioneering standard cannot just be replaced.
We tailor it for the future.

AS-Interface is the certified, decentralized and powerful feeder system that perfectly manages data communication on the actuator/sensor level in all areas of automation technology – minimizing acquisition and engineering costs at the same time. The new generation ASi-5 raises this standard to a new level.

The new ASi-5 standard links the commonly available actuators and sensors of the lower fieldbus level to the upper Ethernet-based level even more efficiently, flexibly, and reliably.

The facts prove this:

  • 16 bits per device per cycle
  • 16 safe bits for safe communication
  • Fast analog transmission (bidirectional)
  • Concurrent parameter-data channel
  • Channel-specific diagnostics
  • Combined transmission of safe and standard data
  • Maximum process data image 3,072 byte per system
  • Flexible process data up to 32 byte per device
  • Cycle time 1.2 ms
  • System jitter less than 10ns
  • 96 devices within 5 ms
  • Fast analog value transmission
  • IO-Link with 32 Byte cyclically integrated per device
  • Parameterization possible using acyclic services
  • 16 safe bits per device
  • 96 safe devices
  • 1,536 safe inputs and 1,536 safe outputs
  • 3,072 safe inputs and outputs
  • SIL 3/Performance Level e
  • Integration in safe Ethernet solutions
  • Acyclic services
  • Channel-specific diagnostics
  • Device-level diagnostics
  • High diagnostics data width
  • Predictive maintenance support
  • Up to 96 devices per master
  • Fully expandable with safety and standard devices
  • Old and new slave generations can coexist on the same ASi network
  • Existing installations can be extended with ASi-5
  • Devices of any generation can coexist on the same ASi network
  • Control via mobile devices
  • ASi-5 Addresser with extensive features
    • addressing
    • parameterization
    • diagnosis
    • project memory
  • Bluetooth interface

Furthermore, ASi-5 is a strictly deterministic system: Inputs and outputs can be prioritized up to 1.2 ms.

The result: considerably more design options, the possibility for larger stand-alone applications, and reduced overhead costs. Additionally, ASi-5 permits the cost-efficient reading of a larger number of inputs and outputs in one location.

In short: ASi-5 increases the system’s performance, while simultaneously reducing costs.


What characterizes a successful partnership?
Working hard to achieve common goals.

The newest technology developed for ultramodern communication solutions: unthinkable without the right development partner. Therefore, ASi-5 is supported by large and renowned companies, who joined us to tailor the future of automation.

ASi-5 development partners:

For all your questions about the development partnership of ASi-5 you are welcome to contact the AS International team.

Phone: +49 6051 47 32 12