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How to become a member:
Your path to a strong community

Our community relies on variety. It is open to manufacturers, users, institutions, research institutions, and universities. Everyone is welcome to support and promote AS-Interface.

The association has active and passive members. "Active" members are potential manufacturers of AS-Interface products (devices, masters, electromechanical devices including cables, power supplies, diagnostic and service devices, etc.) Active members have the unrestricted right to vote. Passive members are users, universities, institutions, and research institutes.

Use our application forms to become a member. According to the statutes, each application requires the agreement of the technical commission and the board of directors. Upon acceptance, the new member is provided with the complete technical documentation, and is included in general communications. The ongoing contact between the association and the member is managed through the local office.

A member chooses two contacts - "contact for technology" and "contact for marketing" - that represent the company/organization in ongoing association businesses. Any written material provided to new members when they first join and all ongoing communication is directed to these contacts. Members are asked to distribute and document all written material and information within their organization as they see fit. Especially specifications, profiles, and testing guidelines and their updates are subject to the documentation diligence. The elected members of the technical committee and the board of directors receive these materials directly.

An international or a national association?

AS-International Association and the local organizations are independent entities. The main organization is responsible for the technology, and is the owner of the trademark. It decides on all fundamental issues, while the local organizations' priority is to run the local marketing efforts.

We suggest becoming a member in the main user organizations and the respective local organization of the countries where you are actively pursuing business. Every local organization strives to develop in a way that makes sense from a business and financial point of view. Synergy effects are used. Materials of general interest provided by any one of the groups are exchanged between the different local organizations.

Currently, the following organizations are part of the AS-International association:

  • AS-Interface Belgium
  • AS-Interface Brasil
  • AS-Interface People's Republic of China
  • AS-Interface Germany (AS-International Association, central association)
  • AS-Interface France
  • AS-Interface Italy
  • AS-Interface Japan
  • AS-Interface South Korea
  • AS-Interface Netherlands
  • AS-Interface Sweden
  • AS-Interface Switzerland
  • AS-Interface Czech Republic
  • AS-Interface United Kingdom
  • AS-Interface USA

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