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Together we are strong:
the AS-Interface organization

Yet another membership - does that make sense?
A direct question, a straight answer: yes

As an AS-International member you get all the advantages of AS-Interface. No matter if you are a manufacturer, user, institution, or a university. You are in direct contact with national and international partners, get advise from AS-International on all issues and projects, and can trust on the synergy effects and the technical support of a large community.

There is also the opportunity to be present on all world markets. Because as an AS-Interface member, you have the full marketing support of AS-International Association and its local organizations. The market potential of AS-Interface increases continuously due to rising levels of automation. AS-International taps into these potentials. And therefore - as a member - you can too.

Your advantages in detail

General information - current and useful

As an association based on a common interest, AS-International offers current, up to date information about markets and technologies, association activities, trade shows, workshops, user presentations, and more.

Technical information - complete and always up-to-date

A membership offers comprehensive technical support:

Dialog - open and honest

Our organization uses open communication. As a part of the community, you will quickly find the right contact among the members and the 13 local organizations on the three most important continents Europe, North America, and Asia to talk about products, applications, and markets.

The future - creating together

As a member you can choose to participate in committees. You can actively take part in shaping the system. To collectively check, evaluate, and later convert new ideas and development approaches means investment security and protection of development resources.

Certification - your quality seal

Certification ensures conformity and compatibility of the manufactured product. Certification guarantees documented security and a valuable quality seal for you and your customers. Also, the membership entails considerably reduced certification fees.

Marketing - effective worldwide presence

As a member of AS-International, a wide mix of marketing options is available, providing you with a strong worldwide presence. We see AS-International as a service provider, and as such support all your marketing activities through:

  • a strong trademark
  • planning, coordinating, implementing, and providing of the infrastructure for joined trade show appearances, symposiums, and user seminars, including press conferences
  • coordination of local marketing activities
  • Planning, conception, and production of printed materials such as guides and compendia
  • Planning, conception, and production of ASiMAG - The AS-Interface Magazine distributed in englisch and german online and through our members.
  • Biannually revised complete product catalog.
  • A comprehensive internet platform serving as the communication portal for all aspects of AS-Interface applications
  • global PR activities, advertisement, and promotions

Notary statistics - official and informative

This is one of the most affordable opportunities to obtain market information. The notary statistics provides information about manufacturers and customers' purchasing behavior.

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