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Numerous manufacturing companies already use ASi-5 technology.

Many companies rely on the advantages of ASi-5 to reduce their costs.

The advantages of using a specific technology can vary greatly. See why these companies selected ASi-5 technology.


RIELEC: Automated package sorting with ASi-5

Sorting 1800 cartons per hour to the correct vehicle for further transport by parcel services requires either a considerable number of people, or a flexible and cost-effective intralogistics solution like the RIELEC Fit Sorter package sorter, which relies on ASi-5 and ASi Safety from Bihl+Wiedemann.



ASi-5: Future-oriented automation in process technology

Like most, the process industry is under intense cost pressure. For years, AS-Interface has been succeeding in reducing installation costs. The introduction of ASi-5 technology provided additional features to increase plant performance significantly.



„Factory 56“ of the Mercedes-Benz Group
ASi-5 makes picking system unique

The development of modern and intuitive picking systems has been a segment of SAFELOG GmbH since the company was founded. A particular focus is on pick-by-light and put-to-light technology. This technology ensures the highest picking performance while actively avoiding picking errors. This is partly possible through ASi-5 communication technology, connecting the control unit with a touchscreen to up to 96 compartments via a unique two-conductor cable. This solution is used in Mercedes-Benz Group AG’s so-called Factory 56 in Sindelfingen.   



ASi-5 at SPAX: Future safe solutions

Not only customers of SPAX, the world’s leading manufacturer of screws and connection technology, rely on durability, safety, quality and user friendliness. The company itself also sees these as factors which are just as elemental as future security – especially when it comes to the machines used to produce their products. Not least for these reasons the internal mechanical engineering department at SPAX, which maintains and renews the production machines - especially presses and rollers - decided for ASi and ASi-5 solutions and Bihl+Wiedemann as partner.



Robust wiring for special requirements
Camembert manufacturers have been relying on ASi for more than 15 years

It is not for nothing that the food industry has the largest range of AS-i integrated actuators. Among other things, many process valve manufacturers have recognized the advantages of AS-i and integrated them into their products. But what would these excellent solutions be without a reliable infrastructure? In an environment where cleaning is carried out several times a day, even simple flat cable taps and distribution boxes bear a great responsibility.



Production logistics
From Zero to a Hundred

Why did warehouse logistics leader KNAPP change the communication technology for its entire range of production logistics to AS-Interface practically overnight? To increase efficiency and productivity? To decrease assembly time during on-site installation? Or because it allows simple and discrete integration of wiring into system components?