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Advancing AS-Interface

The trade organization works on all AS-Interface topics


AS-International is the trade organization for AS-Interface users worldwide. The organization was founded in 1991 by the founding fathers of AS-Interface, each being an industrial company with different strategic and economic interests. They knew that the new technology can only be successful if an independent user organization is in charge of introducing the new technology to potential users. AS-International was born. The organization's mission was very vaguely described as "The promotion of bus-able interfaces for binary sensors and actuators."

...becoming the center of an entire technology

Today, about 20 years later, we find that AS-Interface is an intelligent wiring system rather than a true field bus. Also, the tasks of the AS-International Association are only inadequately described using the term "promotion." In reality, much more is involved.

The interaction between AS-Interface manufacturers and AS-International is a great example for efficient cooperation. As technology driven corporations, the manufacturers can concentrate on what they know best: The development of innovative, powerful products and systems. The general marketing is performed by AS-International. And that worldwide. To open up new markets, even internationally, is one of the primary tasks of the organization. Members enjoy the great advantage of watching the system forcefully penetrate new markets without blowing up their marketing budgets. Thus, a permanent and worldwide presence becomes possible for everyone - for large enterprises as much as small and middle-sized businesses, and startup companies.


Permanent presence and activities are important as they are clear indicators that the system is alive, constantly developing, and actually gaining customer recognition and market share. The local subsidiaries of AS-International provide this presence. They keep in contact with businesses and institutions, organize trade show participation, offer workshops and training sessions, initiate business connections, and much more.

At the base of the entire organization, AS-International Association, seated in Germany, attends to the collective technology and is owner and guardian of the trademark. Furthermore, AS-International Association coordinates member activities in Germany. It is the point of contact for everything and everyone, and organizes global instruments such as as-interface.net, the central communication platform for the worldwide AS-Interface community which includes manufacturers, users, institutions, and universities.

AS-International represents the worldwide community Manufacturers and users. At this time, twelve independently structured local organizations on three continents provide access to local and international markets, and pursue the fundamental long-term strategic goal of global market penetration of an efficient and economic technology for the lower automation level - the penetration of the markets by AS-Interface.

Working in the association

Together the members work on the worldwide success of AS-Interface technology. The association uses the "Instructions for compliance with competition law" of ZVEI.