Safety at Work Installation Certification Applications

Most limits are set by ourselves.

despite a plethora of possibilities.


Automation is colorful. This is literally true looking at the colorful display of manufacturers in the field of automation. Furthermore, the variety of tasks is more diverse than in any other field of engineering. Transportation, building automation, process automation, factory automation: Which single technology can cover this diversity of different tasks? It’s easy – with AS-Interface.

The potential of AS-Interface can be best demonstrated by looking at some applications. Read about the applications - real success stories written by AS-interface

By the way: We invite all users, manufacturers und institutions to tell us about their successful AS-Interface applications: in real life or tested in laboratories. In transportation, building automation, process automation and factory automation. In green, in yellow or in red. This is the way to show all the universal and colorful possibilities when using AS-Interface. By writing to you can share your experiences with us and the AS-Interface community.

Drying technology:

Realizing the possibilities. Using AS-Interface as an engineering tool

Applying automation to established processes and machines is one thing. Developing new processes and integrating them into large-scale systems is entirely different. Here, creativity is required, along with the willingness to not only optimize a chosen path once or twice, but to maybe even reject it entirely. The European research and development project HiPerDry shows that AS-Interface is a highly suitable tool for these purposes.


A crystal clear decision:

ASIsafe for configuring safety functions in retrofit projects

The company Saint-Gobain Solar has set up an approximately 300 meter long installation comprising existing individual machines for processing large glass panels at its plant in Mannheim, Germany. Apart from the automation, the main focus of attention was on the safety engineering. ASIsafe proved to be a suitable solution here because it could be implemented without substantial installation effort, thus saving considerable time.


ASIsafe in distributed I/O:
Protection of safety devices in the packaging industry

ASIsafe, the fail-safe communication system at the lowest automation level, is the ideal solution whenever there are a number of safety devices in need of monitoring. This was the experience of Jürgens Maschinenbau in Emsdetten, Germany when the company first used a new ASi Master in conjunction with a particularly compact distributed I/O for its fleece packaging system. The resulting benefits were: simplified engineering, extremely fast installation, and the availability of teleservice for the safety equipment.


Production logistics:

From Zero to a Hundred

Why did warehouse logistics leader KNAPP change the communication technology for its entire range of production logistics to AS-Interface practically overnight? To increase efficiency and productivity? To decrease assembly time during on-site installation? Or because it allows simple and discrete integration of wiring into system components? "It's all these advantages and more that speak for AS-Interface," says Claus Blödorn from KNAPP. "And with an innovative AS-Interface-specific motor control solution, we've had incredible success."


Industrial controls, AS-Interface:

ASi master plus distributed I/O in the manufacture of testing units

To save time and effort during final assembly, one machine tool manufacturer tests the individual machine modules with the assistance of simulators before they are installed. As the sensor and actuator systems are wired up at the lowest field level using AS-Interface, the company uses the same technology for the testing units. In combination with distributed I/O systems, modular ASi masters play a key role here with both standard and safety systems.