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AS-Interface certification

The AS-Interface certification indicates a product conform to the specification of AS-Interface. All components of an AS-Interface network can be tested, to award a certification of AS-Interface.

Products with certificate are up to the standard of the AS-Interface Specification (IEC / EN 62026-2) and have met the demands of the notable AS-Interface "Test Requirements".

The Certificate stands out for a system of consistency and top quality.

The user gets a documented evidence of conformity of:


Certificates are issued solely by the certification office of the AS-Interface organisation, AS-International Association. By the certificate the manufacturer obtains the allowance to sign his product with the shadowed logo together with a verification number. This logo is registered trademark sign of the AS-International Association and may be used exclusively for products with certificate. The shadow logo is together with the verification number a mark of quality that is subject of monitoring. A certificate is only valid for the tested product.

An extension of the certificate to product families or the transfer to other manufacturers may not be performed. In certain circumstances a new certificate might be issued after simplified test.

All product changes especially the change of chip, layout or electronic components leads to a withdraw of the certificate. In exceptional cases an assignment is available by extraordinary permission.


The way to your certificate

The certification is open to anybody, members and non-members of AS-International Association.

The certificate is issued by the certification office after a successful confirmed type test of a reference product and the giving in of the necessary documents and application forms.

In detail this means:

Test laboratory with AS-Interface accreditation by AS-International Association:

Forschungs- und Transferzentrum Leipzig e.V.
Für Automatisierungs-, Informations- und Elektrosysteme
M.Eng. Dipl.-Ing. Tobias Rudloff
Wächterstraße 13
D 04107 Leipzig
Tel.: +49 341 3076 1156
Fax: +49 341 3076 1220

The certification office:

Zertifizierungsstelle AS-Interface
Tilman Schinke
AS-International Association
Zum Taubengarten 52
63571 Gelnhausen
Tel.: +49 6051 473212
Fax: +49 6051 473282

The test laboratory and the certification office working private and confidential.

Valid documents

The certificates are issued on behalf of the documents of AS-International Association. The certification is processed conform to the Certification Guideline and the mark statute. All documents are available at the office of AS-International free of charge for all members.

The valid documents are:

  Version Date
Mark statute   20.02.2003
Certification Guideline 1.1 29.01.1998
Complete Specification 3.0 Rev.8 06.12.2023
Complete Specification Annexes 3.0 Rev.8 06.12.2023
Test Requirements 3.0 Rev.7 11.12.2019
Test Requirements Slave ICs 3.0 Rev.7 11.12.2019

Order forms for certification

Filename Language Description Size
application_​for_​certification_​of_​product.pdf Application for Certification of Product 114.37 kB
application_​of_​multiple_​listing.pdf Application of Multiple Listing 125.96 kB
manufacturer_​declaration.pdf Manufacturer Declaration 138.25 kB
order_​certification_​test.pdf Order Certification Test 106.7 kB
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