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Using ASi-5’s advantages and reducing costs.

Easily connect, communicate, integrate data, and experience how AS-Interface simplifies implementation.

AS-Interface offers a general cost advantage during installation. Easily connect, move, or add devices - safely, quickly, and effectively. Since the system is topology-free, branches can easily be added anywhere through simple cable connectors. When using standard piercing technology, the installation is tool-free, without stripping or cable assembly.

ASi-5 technology enables new applications. ASi-5 removes various performance limitations of the existing, well-established AS-Interface technology. Therefore, the technology is prepared for the future and assures investment security for state-of-the-art installations.

With its considerable performance features, AS-Interface is a perfectly customizable technology for the implementation of automation solutions.

ASi-5 transmits more data, is faster and more accurate; in addition, the system offers several new functionalities, such as:

The performance increase allows an entirely new level of speed and precision.

ASi-5's advanced data performance enables easy, cost-optimized integration of numerous sensors and actuators.


ASi-5 can effectively integrate Safety technology since safety technology and regular applications are operated on the same infrastructure.

The additional diagnostics channel allows maximum system availability and Increased productivity through improved availability.

Advantages of defined device profiles

Compatibility enables a large selection of manufacturers and systems

Simply connect and address during the workflow

ASi-5 technology’s features and capabilities meet the requirements of modern automation technology.

AS-Interface is modular, flexible, economical, and energy-efficient.