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What makes an application perfect? Successful communication. ASi-5 transmits energy and data on the same cable, the only fieldbus system that does not need plug connections to link energy and data. The advantage: common cable harnesses in parallel wiring are replaced by the reverse polarity protected ASi cable, rendering the system electromagnetically compatible (EMC) without additional cost-intensive shielding.

ASi-5 also allows the uncomplicated and cost-efficient integration of IO-Link: The host systems simply provide the interfaces, creating multi-point connections. Parameter and diagnostics data can be parallelly transmitted independently from process data – in any amount necessary. This makes ASi-5 the ideal shuttle connecting IO-Link devices to upper level Ethernet fieldbus systems.

With ASi-5 even the integration of safety is highly efficient: Safety-critical and conventional applications run on one infrastructure, and can be mixed and matched without restrictions, with ASi-5 enabling operation of 96 x 16 safe inputs and outputs.

  • Enables effortless connection of complex sensors and actuators
    • Drives
    • Frequency inverters
    • Valves
    • Sensors with integrated logic
    • IO-Link sensors
  • Extended parametrization
  • Highly economical even with high channel density
  • Predictive Maintenance (extended diagnostics)
  • Suitable for fast control tasks
  • Optimal connection and implementation of Industry 4.0 and IoT
  • Improved control speed and accuracy
    • Axis control
    • Robotics
    • Increased positioning accuracy
  • Increased machine speed
  • Fast device parameterization
    • Short set-up times
    • Increased productivity
  • Cost-optimized integration of IO-Link devices
  • Easy integration of intelligent sensors and actuators
  • 96 IO-Link masters possible per network
  • With ASi-5 IO-Link devices become networkable
  • Simplified installation
  • Significantly reduced wiring effort
  • ASi-5 brings IO-Link into the PLC
  • Integration of intelligent, safe devices
  • Straightforward connection
  • Reduced wiring effort
  • Simplified risk evaluation
  • Safe and non-safe signals on one network
  • Easy integration of safe inputs and outputs
  • Reduced startup costs for safe inputs and outputs
  • Significantly increased number of safety devices per network
  • Increased availability
  • Diminished maintenance costs
  • Reduced machine downtime
  • Decreased maintenance times
  • Exact and extensive diagnostics data
  • Optimized spare parts management
  • Reduced implementation cost through improved master/slave ratio
  • Larger networks
  • Significantly increased number of end-devices
  • One Ethernet address for 1,536 binary inputs and 1,536 binary outputs
  • ASi Standard and ASi-5 can interact on the same network
  • Existing products can be integrated
  • Inventory protection and investment security
  • Availability of a large range of products and existing infrastructure
  • Established strengths are retained
    • Manufacturer-independent interoperability
    • Robust and solid communications
    • Easy extension of existing systems
    • Piercing technolog
    • 2.5 mm2 profile cable with increased current limit
    • Topology-free (tree, ring, star, mesh)
    • Energy and data on one cable
  • Convenient addressing and parameterization via mobile devices
  • Automatic recognition of connected participants
  • Clear presentation of all participants
  • Addressing of individual or all participants possible
  • System-wide diagnosis as well as of individual participants

Compared to parallelly wiring every single sensor and actuator, ASi piercing technology makes connecting, replacing or moving of components seem like child’s play: easy, safe, fast, and inexpensive. Systems can be easily and quickly extended; hot plug-in is possible anytime and anywhere. Design and documentation can be done almost effortlessly. New components can be integrated into the system without complex construction calculations.

ASi-5 is topology-free, additionally simplifying the design of the system and guaranteeing installation flexibility – without cost-intensive switches or active distribution.

Feasible for the future, ASi-5 technology and protocol standard are fully downward compatible. AS-Interface devices and components used in the past can be integrated into ASi-5. Vice versa, the existing AS-Interface applications can continue to be used without restrictions, with the option of integrating new ASi-5 components.

In short: Simply said, ASi-5 sets new standards.