As an open system, AS-Interface system offers the user a wide range of available solutions. Automation specialists from all over the world have implemented the freely available specification in order to develop products for all requirements and special automation solutions.

As a user-oriented platform, offers many different access options to the variety of products of AS-Interface. The certified products stand for a standardized and high-quality system.


Schneider Electric
Accessories and Other > Addressing and Diagnostic Units
Accessories and Other > Command, Signalling and Monitoring
Accessories and Other > Coupling Modules / Mounting Plates
Accessories and Other > Earth Fault Monitoring System
Accessories and Other > Extensions
Accessories and Other > Software
Actuators > Electric Actuators
Master / Gateways
Modules > Analog Modules
Modules > Input / Output Modules
Modules > Input Modules
Modules > Output Modules
Power supply
Safety At Work > Emergency Stop / Command Device
Safety At Work > Safe In-/Output modules
Safety At Work > Safety Monitor / Safety PLC
Safety At Work > Safety Switches