Stonel™ Junction module (JX) - Repeater and Power Conditioner

Valmet Flow Control Inc.


ASi-3 ASi-5

The Stonel junction module (JX) enclosure is an environmentally hardened platform which is suitable for use in the most extreme corrosive and hazardous process environments. AS-Interface combination repeater and power conditioner (JXX models): AS-Interface combination repeater and power conditioner extends your network length easily in hazardous and general purpose locations. AS-Interface power conditioner: Power for two-wire bus networks must be decoupled from the communication signal for proper operation. With the JX power conditioner, the power supply may be located in a safe area with the power conditioner located in the field. Distance from the power supply to the power conditioner does not add to effective bus length. AS-Interface repeater: This repeater extends the usable length of the AS-Interface network by 100 meters. The repeater requires one (1) AS-Interface power supply or an AS-Interface power conditioner.
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