ASVC 9200-71L S02

Sitomatic Process Technology BV

Valve Position Indication

ASi-3 ASi-5

AS-i, large size, double air, linear valve controller, with led dome. Available for ASi-3 and ASi-5.
The VC 9200 controller is the larger version of the VC9000 and controls valves open/close. This controller is suitable for valves from approx. 2 inches and, like the VC 9000, is easy to install and operate. With just one press of the calibration button, this unit calibrates itself. This universal controller can replace controllers of almost any make or brand and is therefore widely applicable. The interchangeable electronic modules make it easy to switch between rotary and linear motion and between different protocols such as AS-i, Direct I/O and IO-Link.
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