Automation economical and easy – with AS-Interface

Welcome to AS-Interface, the efficient, easy, and worldwide standardized bus system for the lower field level.


New german video "Einfacher digitalisieren mit ASi-5"

The new ASi-5 technology allows continuous digitization and expands the application of AS-Interface in automation. With the possibilities of the new technology, the system gives the machines a digital voice. Complex devices also become part of the network. The system extends functionality and reduces costs. Learn more in the latest german video:


Controling valves intelligently with AS-Interface

Intelligent process automation is the buzzword for keeping the process industry competitive and future-proof. One example is the compact combi switchbox with integrated pilot valve GEMU 4242 that communicates with the control system via AS-Interface. This results in externally controlled linear drives in processing plants that propel digitalization.


So be it with thee, if forever united in yellow

The innuendo to Schiller’s Lay of the Bell is befitting for the commitment of HTWK Leipzigs’ testing laboratory (HTWK - University of Technology, Economics and Culture in Leipzig). Ever since the ASi system’s early stages in the 1990s, this lab has been at ASi’s side for development and testing. Functional safely, including human errors when connecting ASi, are the stories told by Prof. Tilo Heimbold and his team.


Optimistic for the future

Within the scope of digitization, the clear goal was formulated to integrate operating devices with AS-Interface even more easily. Johan Persson, CEO of Celpia: "We have made a very successful start with the Cabinet Modules product line. We make things simpler, safer and better. Users can look forward to a wide range of product developments.

Communication on the racing line.

Successful communication always follows a clear path. AS-Interface takes this quite literally. It uses a single reverse polarity protected two-conductor cable, carrying power and data, to connect sensors and actuators to the control system of your automation network. 

AS-Interface Safety at Work, Products and solutions at SPS IPC Drives 2019

The advantages of AS-Interface

Compared to the typical parallel wiring, AS-Interface’s advantage is its low wiring efforts and reduced hardware deployment. The reliable piercing technology as well as the intuitive and flexible device connection result in a significantly faster installation. Additionally, the system offers easy configuration options, leading to reduced start-up efforts and - in case of system faults – guarantees fast diagnostics and trouble shooting.

In short: AS-Interface reduces costs, while simultaneously increasing system performance.