Automation economical and easy – with AS-Interface

Welcome to AS-Interface, the efficient, easy, and worldwide standardized bus system for the lower field level.


The new and innovative ASiMAG

For the first time, the SPS - Smart Production Solutions - will not take place as a face-to-face event but in a purely virtual format. Just in time for the actual start of the trade fair, we would like to inform the world of automation about new products and solutions with our innovative ASiMAG e-paper Navigate comfortably and intuitively through our modern e-paper. You can deepen interesting content via further links. Enjoy reading!


A&D Makers of Automation

Rolf Becker: "The data paths from the field level are diverse. With AS-Interface we are positioning ourselves as a guide for the industrial communication of the future." What's coming are innovative business models, new information channels and higher processing speeds ...


IAS 2020 - Review

Astrid Wang, our colleague from China, reports on the IAS show: “In hall 5.1 at booth B126, AS-International presented its new ASi-5 technology, and attracted the interests of the visitors with its powerful performance and distinctive features. More than 400 brochures are distributed to the visitors, and 75 visitors left behind their contact information for further communication...


Video: AS-Interface und IO-Link

The german video gives a short overview of the advantages of the IO-Link connection with AS-Interface. AS-Interface reduces costs and makes IO-Link devices network-compatible. IO-Link is simply connected and supplied with power via AS-Interface. After rapid contact with the piercing technology, the data is ready for use in host sys-tems and cloud services.

Communication on the racing line.

Successful communication always follows a clear path. AS-Interface takes this quite literally. It uses a single reverse polarity protected two-conductor cable, carrying power and data, to connect sensors and actuators to the control system of your automation network. 

AS-Interface Safety at Work, products and solutions

The advantages of AS-Interface

Compared to the typical parallel wiring, AS-Interface’s advantage is its low wiring efforts and reduced hardware deployment. The reliable piercing technology as well as the intuitive and flexible device connection result in a significantly faster installation. Additionally, the system offers easy configuration options, leading to reduced start-up efforts and - in case of system faults – guarantees fast diagnostics and trouble shooting.

In short: AS-Interface reduces costs, while simultaneously increasing system performance.