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Welcome to AS-Interface, the efficient, easy, and worldwide standardized bus system for the lower field level.


Webinar: AS-Interface im Einsatz am Beispiel eines Wasserkraftwerkes in Brasilien

The presentation will cover theoretical concepts of AS-I network and an application of installation, functioning and operation in a Hydro Power Plant. Date: September 23, 2021, 10:00 Brasilien (GMT -3) // Language: portugese // Registration:


New member: Welcome, Atrax!

We are pleased to welcome as a new member of our organization. More information about Atrax can be found here:


THE COMPENDIUM - Technology and Function ASi-5

We are pleased to present our new automation book. The compendium is written for automation technology developers and technicians. The book describes ASi-5 technology and its performance in detail. Click here to get to the order form:


Smart Networking of Safety Technology

AS-Interface Arena: Watch the new video "Smart Networking of Safety Technology" by Bihl-Wiedemann on stage:

Communication on the racing line

Successful communication always follows a clear path. AS-Interface takes this quite literally. It uses a single reverse polarity protected two-conductor cable, carrying power and data, to connect sensors and actuators to the control system of your automation network. 

AS-Interface Safety at Work, products and solutions

The advantages of AS-Interface

Compared to the typical parallel wiring, AS-Interface’s advantage is its low wiring efforts and reduced hardware deployment. The reliable piercing technology as well as the intuitive and flexible device connection result in a significantly faster installation. Additionally, the system offers easy configuration options, leading to reduced start-up efforts and - in case of system faults – guarantees fast diagnostics and trouble shooting.

In short: AS-Interface reduces costs, while simultaneously increasing system performance.